The Mixing Bowl

The Perfect Blend or a whole load of mess?

Friday, May 04, 2007



somehow or rather i was not really keen on moving my blog
i seem to have an odd attachment to this place but as with all things
lets be courageous and try something new (:

so relink me with the new link of my blog which happens to be called
"many overspent calories"


love, eileen

ps: this feels kinda sad for a certain reason... :(
isnt this supposed to be IT which means i am not supposed to feel anything!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

On off buttons

this has nothing to do with the PCD highly carnal song. rather it was just a word that popped into my head while i was doing my QT.
for many of us our relationship with God is like this emergency button where in a moment of panic or fear or emergency (essentially a situation that is out of control) THAN we seek God than we look for Him and ask "O lord let the rain of your presence fall on me".
i admit that sometimes even i am like this.
i get carried away i stray and later on i return.
after which this led me to think what can we bring unto God?
everytime we sing we say "Lord i give u my heart" and before we know it WHAM we are sinning again.
what can we bring unto God?
what can sinners bring to the presence of God?

i dont know about you. but for me, i never want my relationship with God to become one that is an emergency button.
the BIg red emergency kind in cartoons where in emergency it blinks with a red light (making you even more kan cheong)and you just WACK darn hard and than POOF you are safe.
i want my relationship with God to be a steady one.
steady growing one.

also this is one QT where i suddenly recalled a conversation i had with a fellow colleague and it got me thinking.

defense. offense. WWJD.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Que sera sera

Super addicted to this new korean drama called que sera sera that was filmed in singapore. (which i had great fun catchingthe cast ^^)
its darn good. haahaa i like it cos its fast paced and i think to some extent it challenges certain rights and wrongs as well as societal norms. you can catch the show on you tube (so far only the first two episodes have been shown) or if u like to watch things BIG BIG like me, you can have fun with a certain device called clubbox.
BUT its a rather "adult" like show do NOT expect the GOONG kind of plot.
(i dont like the GOONG kind of plot anyway. so if u find that your taste runs contrary you might not like it that much)
this show has heart and this certain intangible feeling i dont know i just like thw whole feel of it.

i really love the soundtrack of the show as well (: its really really a good soundtrack.
its been long since i love a korean show and its soundtrack so much.
the last korean show that made me wait in such anticipation was MNISKSS.
other than that there was always a lack of the "oomph" factor.

soundtrack is baove u can listen to the starting song (:


Saturday, March 24, 2007

19 experience

last week was a rather eventful week for me, but happily eventful. so here i am with pictures (:
how fast time passes. its like only yesterday when eric touched down in singapore and me and xinhui chan were all geared up and excited.
the whole experience has been relaxing and fun (:

the first day and first time i met him RASA SENTOSA

friends we made (:
the english couple who were rather amused at us (starung at eric)

no photo does eric justice. period (:


Monday, March 19, 2007


SAW ALR! (^___^)v
very CLOSE
will elaborate more someday perhaps
just not in the mood to expand on what happened now (:



Saturday, March 17, 2007


two words after i watched the video
little fans went cos no one knew (:
i wont mind meeting him
tml perhaps?

God... can?

ps: wu zun is not out of favour, i shall seek to be strictly friends with him (for now)


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rest is addictive

i miss japan!

spent time with God yesterday.
let's put it this way... alot of things happening.
things that i might not have the ability to deal with head on.
yet i give thanks to the Lord for his gift of strength and positivity and also very unexpectedly... JOY (:
haahaa and now i am addicted to rest! to think that yesterday i was complaining about being uneasy about rest well, now... HAAHAAHAA i LOVE it!
finished five eps of dal ja yesterday.
wah is is SOOOO therapeutic can?
just sitting there and letting my brain rot away as i get absorbed in the plot.

i m glad i have God


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


i need rest. i know.
ever since the release of the a levels results my life has been a mad rush.
not a day spent for myself at home.
cousin's wedding, open houses, work, parent's anniversary etc etc
crazy schedules that can have me going to three different locations in a day
this is tiring
its been long since my life has been so hectic which is why the doc said i fell sick.
i know i am a person that needs alot of personal time and space
yet, oddly enough,
now that i have time to finally kick back after the hectic weeks,
i feel strange. like...
i am not used to sitting around and doing nothing at all.
dont get me wrong i really enjoy sitting in front of my computer and engaging in mindless activities
its just that i am super unused to an empty schedule.
especially when my schedule is empty and yet i have things around me that need to be done.

whatever it is i am determined that today shall be a day of REST.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

overhead bridge

what a day.
left church feeling like crap cos of the flu and all.
"feel like crap" really epitomizes (such a word?) my feelings.
i guess i just needed a sabbath i really need rest and everything.
anyways, was not feeling too good as i headed down to newton to meet my parents and was (as usual) complaining to God.
but i am so glad that how i went up the overhead bridge feeling like crap i came down feeling slightly better.
dinner with my dad and mom further ended my night with a (:
really, i felt so loved by God through my family.
its really really the little things that matter.


BEST MILK IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! LOVE IT haahaa (HIS and HER milk)

TRY THIS its at Toa Payoh.
its Good really the skin is sooo thin and crispy (:

My wonderful dinner of Tiger Prawns.
and of course, only tasted the best because of my parent's love.

At the end of the day, i still give thnaks to the Lord.
Indeed, when i follow Him it leads to blessings 100%
He is a God that never shortchanges us (:


Thursday, March 08, 2007

battle something

as i was blog hopping and reading some blogs two words popped into mind

ignorant versus unaffected

you cannot be ignorant but you can be unaffected, unfrazzled by what is happening around you.
its like we can be ignorant about the world (eg should i say middle east and you go... "WHY? DOWN THERE VERY PEACEFUL WHATTTT...) we should be able to KNOW what is going on in the world but AT THE SAME TIME we still think and consider whether what is happening is right or wrong. we have to be discerning. and when i say unaffected it does not mean "wah middle east so far none of my business" rather its more like you dont go and freaking ball your eyes out everytime you read something concerning the violence there. okay the middle east thing is just an example to carry across my point.

the reason i am blogging this is because somehow or rather i feel that people begin to hobble at these two extremes. which means, they either choose to live in their lala land or else they get too emotional about lives situations. excessive of anything is not good and hence, here comes my main point of control and moderation. know what is beneficial and what is not. than again i wonder of there;s anything wrong with hobbling at the two extremes. to me i dont like things to be that way- too excessive at either end. perhaps its because i do not enjoy (for myself) like sudden outbursts or life like an emotional waterfall.

is it a matter of perspective?

perhaps i should say understanding but not conforming.
doesnt mean that just because everyone does it, its correct.
and does not mean that if no one does it, you cant.

alot of things at the end of the day, for me, comes down to a decision between me and God.
i dont want to sound like some preachy person so i will just leave it as that.

i have a fish bowl over my head
i see what is happening BUT it doesnt mean that i have to take it in (:

i am too tired to elaborate everything... if u get it you get it.